"Moving Forward Together" means more than just us. It is about creating a movement with our money, our moments, our resources, and our community at large. It is about giving back to society and moving together towards becoming a more socially conscious brand. As such, we will be donating a portion of all checkouts, proceeds from all future events, and all donations to charities across the world.

As we focus on our values- commitment, creativity, and customer-focused, the team at Monétoir is also motivated by the importance of memories, the present, and what the future has in place for our community. None of this would be possible without our work being supported by creative minds, a healthy spirit, and a supportive community.  

Covid-19 has affected this truth. And the idea that there are individuals and communities out there that are having not only their livelihoods impacted, but their dreams, innovations, ideas, and hope challenged on a day-to-day basis is something we could not stand for.

We are always creating and curating for a better tomorrow. But now, it is time to use our dynamic forward-thinking skills to focus on today and how we can best use our resources to help those affected by Covid-19. Every cent, every action, and every thought count to making our world a better place for everyone. As we move together towards becoming a more socially conscious brand, we have pledged to donate 5% of all orders to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Moving forward together is also part of our 5-Year Sustainability Plan.


Learn: The United Nations COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund